Architecture and Interior Design

Conceived as ‘pixels’, the smallest unit in a digital image, the design uses around 2,500 aluminium squarish frameless panels exploring an RGB colour gradation. The idea seeks to reflect the occupation of a digital studio while adding liveliness on a drab commercial street in Delhi. The façade is a cantilevered secondary skin reducing heat gain to the built form.
In the interiors, the aluminium panels continue onto the ceiling to complete a cuboidal form, but in muted greys. The focus is shifted to the reception with the ‘pixels’ digital panel printed by the client himself. This is carried over on the manager’s cabin and under the wall display providing a unified elongated look. A black mirror ceiling over the stair provides one the notion of introspection before they enter for a photo shoot in the studios below and the idea of pixels culminates as an embellishment in the makeup room.