Landscape Design

“….the architecture tries to claim the land, the landscape tries to return to nature…. “

In the core of the distant green valley of the Aravallis, skirting the rivulet Sukri and enveloped in the solitude of the surrounding forest, nestled in the gentle landscape, the MANA Resort seems to rise from within. The changing experience of the natural environment of Ranakpur region lends itself to be a spectacular setting for people to unwind. The lush green forests in the monsoons forming protective canopies, to dry arid in the winters which lie naked with silence and the spring offering the beautiful red carpet of flames of the trees when in full bloom is wherein the inspiration lies. The design intent emerged from core thoughts of paying respect to nature while not denying human intervention. The landscape of the resort was conceptualized to softly echo the flow of the glistening waters of the river, as the building settles on the riverbed.