Architecture and Interior Design

The design response fro housVeILED is driven by the setting of the plot. The site is a narrow plot with a ratio of 1:3. It’s a row house with attached houses built on both sides. In the rear there is a service lane with houses and in the front there is a road with houses. The house feels a bit trapped with a built environment all around but for a park in the north east direction on the opposite side. The client also values his privacy and is not keen on visibility from the busy road and houses on the opposite side. The design of the façade thus responds by creating tall angular faces which block views from the front but open up with windows looking towards the park in the north east direction. Due to the building regulations in Delhi the stilt floor is left for car parking. The floor above that is called the ground floor and has the interaction zones such as living and dining along with kitchen and a resting room. Two floors above them are private spaces such as bedrooms. The top floor has a party room with a terrace. The house is mostly inward and opens up only at the interactive floors which are also veiled with heavy planting.