Archietcture and Interior Design

“….light as a giver of all presences…. “ LOUIS KAHN

The experience of HouStePS is through the cyclic journey of day and night. The entrance on the east is a space with vertical proportions. This void is housed by rhythmic ostinato of horizontal white planes that is layered by a continuous play of light and shadow. The movement of shadows in the silent space can be observed from various places within the house. The court reaches out to the arrival and facilitates the vertical circulation. A straight flight leads to the first upper level with public areas of the residence. Next two floors are designated as the private zone for the family with 6 bedrooms. Finally, an external flight of steps leads to the terrace. The envelope for the entry court recesses and provides relief in the built form. The idea of accentuated vertical dimension carries forward with high ceilings and tall doors. The house uses a minimalistic palette of white and grey colourwith elements in wood. A large wooden horizontal plane caps the house shading the south facing plot.