Architecture and Interior Design

HouSKYe is designed for a family with three generations including a set of non identical twins. The panning is done as per the guidelines of Vastu as per the request of the client. The bye laws in delhi makes it mandatory to have a stilt floor with parking. The floor above that is called the ground floor and has the family interaction areas such as the living , dining and kitchen . The woman of the house heads the kitchen and thus the master bedroom is on the same floor. The grandfathers room is next to their for ease of care. The bedrooms of the all the children who are between the age of 16 to 25 are on the first floor and have their own lounge. The house is centrally connected with a large skylit space in which all the floors look into. This allows the light, filtered by louvers, to seep into the heart of the house. The 2ndfloor is a recreational zone with a party hall, a spa, pantry, a guest bedroom and a terrace garden attached to the hall. The terrace garden planting emerges out of the built form in the fa├žade. The house is topped by a louvers filtering sun light into the terrace garden and balconies. The house is designed with tall internal heights providing a very spacious and airy feel