Archtiecture Design

The site for this project lies on a road with row houses. The road gently curves as it move along and the plots have a slightly larger front than the rear due to this. The apartments are designed strictly by the guidelines of VastuShastraas desired by the developer. The fa├žade of the apartments looks to respond to the gentle curves of the road. The balconies of the apartments are covered with a secondary skin made of customized GFRC. These members are designed as a reminder of the dry hay used in the thatched roofs of the vernacular Indian houses. The site faces south east and gets a generous amount of heat. The secondary skin shades the apartments and opens up at specific places to allow for interaction with the street. The secondary skin also provides privacy from the houses on the opposite side of this narrow road. The staircase block has a long linear window which takes the eye towards the sky and ends in a gentle curve to form the inclined roof of the stair