Architecture and Interior Design

The site is located in Kohat Enclave. This residential area is historically populated by the Pashtun immigrants. There is also a place called Kohat on the Afghanistan –Pakistan border from which this name might have been derived. A healthy trade existed between the three nations not many years back and Pashtun products are well sought in India. The design intent seeks to reinforce this idea of friendship and of this exchange of goods and culture. The façade is comprised of large perforated screens which gently step back. The perforations are a sense of passage across boundaries and are designed in brown to represent the hindukush mountains which form the main geographical barrier between these countries. The road on which the site is situated is a busy one with a shopping complex right in front of the plot. The screens partly shade and partly open up the balconies thus creating desired privacy for the apartments. The screens also filter out the right amount of sunlight from the east to cut off excessive heat intake.